Special Interest Tours

St Petersburg Special Interest Tour

Special Interest Tours

St Petersburg Private Car and Driver

Customized Private Tour with a Driver

Want a more personalized and private tour of St. Petersburg? You can book a car with a driver and create your own tour of St. Petersburg! We recommend this tour for second time visitors or those people who prefer a more customized and independent tour of St. Petersburg. Contact us for details.

Lunch with a Russian Family in St Petersburg

Lunch with a Russian Family prepared in true Russian Style

Enjoy a traditional Russian lunch with a host family in their apartment. (Group size is 6-8 people). For many of our tourists this authentic and tasty experience remains a highlight of their visit to St Petersburg. The lunch consists of 3 traditional Russian courses, but the main attraction could be the opportunity to speak with local St. Petersburg residents and have lively discussions about various topics. This is a great chance to learn about Russian life, culture, and the wonderful people that call St. Petersburg home. Contact us for details.

The Siege of Leningrad Tour in St Petersburg

The Siege of Leningrad Tour

Recently people all over the world celebrated the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II. Our country and city suffered a lot during the war. The bravery and courage of the citizens of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) at that time, is well-known far from Russia.

If you want to know more about life of people during the war and what helped them survive, this tour is for you. This tour includes: Piskarevskoye cemetery (graves of civilians and soldiers), Siege Memorial (watch a movie that will show the atmosphere of times past,)  The Museum of the Siege of Leningrad (On Solanoy), and The Artillery Museum.

Jewish Heritage Tour in St Petersburg

Jewish Heritage Tour in St. Petersburg

The first Jews appeared in St. Petersburg at the same time the city was founded. The few of them belonged to Peter the Great’s circle. During this tour you will learn about the life of Jewish people during 18–20 centuries and present days. You will visit the old district of Kolomna which was the center of Jewish life. One of the sights here is the Conservatory founded by Anton Rubinstein in the XIX century, with a lot of outstanding Jewish graduates. You will visit Great Choral Synagogue ( the second largest synagogue in Europe) which was never closed down and functioned throughout WWII.

Children Tours in St Petersburg

Children Tours

We can offer an array of enjoyable activities for children who visit St. Petersburg. The city has many family oriented activities for children of all ages.

Shopping Tours in St Petersburg

Shopping Tours

Want to bring home some amazing souvenirs, search out unique gifts, or simply love shopping? This tour is for you and offers some unique shopping experiences in St. Petersburg including the Ananov Jewelry Shop and The Lomonosov Porcelain Factory, among others.

Historical Tours in St Petersburg

Historical Tours

Includes a visit to the Peter and Paul Fortress, the log cabin of Peter I, Holy Trinity square, The Winter Palace of Peter the Great where he died and other places connected with Peter I.

Russian Noble Nests Tour in St Petersburg

Russian Noble Nests

A special tour visiting Yusupov Palace, Stroganof Palace and palace of Grand Duke Vladimir (an uncle of the last Tsar, Nikolas II). For those who want to get acquainted with everyday life of Russian noble families, with dinner in the Noble Nest Restaurant.

St Petersburg Revolution Tour

St. Petersburg-the Cradle of Revolution

If you want to know more about political parties here in Russia and learn the same way revolutionary soldiers did in 1917 during the famous October Revolution led by Lenin, this is a tour for you. It also includes visit to Aurora battleship and museum of Political History of Russia

Royal Residences of St Petersburg

Royal Residences in the City

For two centuries St. Petersburg was a beloved home for the members of the royal family. There are many palaces that belonged to them and this tour is for those who would like to know more about members of this family and about the past of the richest royal family in Europe. The tour includes a visit to Summer Palace of Peter I, and Yelagin Palace of Empress Maria Fiodorovna.

Churches of St. Petersburg Tour

Churches of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has been a multi-religious city since its foundation. During this tour you’ll visit a Catholic Church, a Protestant Church, a Choral Synagogue, Russian Orthodox churches, and a Mosque. The tour includes attending a service in a beautiful Russian Orthodox Church.

St Petersburg Architecture Tour

Architectural Styles of St. Petersburg

Baroque in St. Petersburg. Classical Style and Empire Style in the city. Northern Modern (Art Nouveau) in St. Petersburg. Construction styles of Leningrad of 1920s.

St Petersburg Literature Tour

Literature Tour

St. Petersburg is a mysterious city and despite the fact it has changed a lot during 300 years there is still the luxurious city of Pushkin and Nabokov, and the depressing city of Dostoevsky. During these tours you will visit the places connected with the characters of their books. Each of these tours include a visit to a memorial near the apartment of each famous writer.

Dostoevsky in St. Petersburg

Pushkin in St. Petersburg

Nabokov in St. Petersburg

St Petersburg Musical Tour

Musical Tours

A lot of world-famous composers lived here – Chaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Musorgsky, Borodin, Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Shostokovich.. We would like to offer you a special visit to the Museum of Musical Instruments and the chance to see a rehearsal in famous Mariinsky Theatre..

St Petersburg Modern Art Tour

Modern Art in St. Petersburg

There are world-famous galleries here in St Petersburg, but there are also modern art galleries where you can enjoy the masterpieces of today and even buy something special just for you. This tour includes the newly created Erarta Museum and Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Be Yourself Russian Tour in St Petersburg

Be Yourself Russian Tours

An open air party – with traditional Russian shashlik in a country house of a typical Russian family.

Visit to a typical Russian sauna (banya)

Visit to a typical Russian village house – meeting a family

Visit to a Local Ostrich Farm with Dinner

Visit to a typical Russian secondary school – meeting with teachers and students attending lessons (only during the academic year)

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