Gdańsk is the largest seaport in Poland and a very popular tourist destination. This seemingly small and inconspicuous town numbers more than a 1000 years of history. It was taken from and reunited with Poland several times: first it was conquered by the Teutonic Order, then it was possessed by Prussia and later annexed by Nazi Germany. Once a magnificent and powerful commercial town, Gdańsk was razed almost to the ground during the World War II and it took years to rebuild it. Today’s Old Town of Gdansk enjoys its pre-war appearance and everyone has an opportunity to see its fascinating medieval architecture.

Our group tour of Gdańsk includes primarily a walking tour of the Old Town. You’ll get to explore Oliwa Cathedral - famous for its great organ - and also have a look at St. Mary´s Basilica - one of the largest brick Gothic buildings in Europe. Gdańsk is also a capital of amber and during a stroll along its streets you’ll see lots of shops selling goods made of amber. In addition, if you’d like to explore the city in more depth, you could consider our private options which include a visit to a gigantic Malbork Castle – erected by Teutonic Knights in 1309 – and Stutthof – a concentration camp reminding us of the darkest days of our history.

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