Carmen Bariletto

Dear Tatyana, I'm sorry it took so long to send a reply.

I cannot say enough great things about our tours in St. Petersburg and in Berlin. We had Ellen (don't recall her Russian name) in St. Petersburg. She was extremely knowledgeable about everything....history, politics, art, music, daily life. Her enthusiasm was amazing, and never ran out of energy. Extremely pleasant woman. Strongly recommend her.

Same goes for Boris in Berlin. He took us places that were not on your typical tour and others on the ship tours never got to see. He was also extremely knowledgeable about history, politics, art, daily life. Although our time with him was only six hours as opposed to two days with Ellen, I feel we were exposed to a lot.

I have recommended TJ Travel to some people I know that will be going on cruises. Keep up the good work!!

Thanks for your personal attention especially modifying the Berlin tour.

Carmen Bariletto

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