Erarta Museum

The goal of this lovely modern museum is to provide every visitor with an opportunity to discover the best works of contemporary art.

The idea (as with most modern art museums) is to ensure that relatively unknown artists that have created something interesting, exceptional and thought provoking, are accessible and that visitors can interact with what they are seeing.

Today, the Erarta counts among its collections, about 3,000 works by more than 160 artists, who represent regions from all over the vast territory of Russia, it also includes graphics, sculpture, installations, and other types of modern fine arts.

With 5 floors of art space it is the largest non-governmental contemporary art museum in all of Russia.

The staff of this Museum choose what paintings, and other works, to add to their collection purely based on talent alone and not on how well known the artist is or what school of art they belong to.

The Erarta collection is much much larger than what is exhibited and is constantly refreshed, which makes this a very popular museum among art lovers.

To help you, as much as possible, to appreciate what you are seeing, self-portraits are displayed and video interviews with the artists are shown on touch-screens.

In addition one of Erarta’s cinema halls is equipped with another innovation “art-animation”.These are short-length animated movies developed especially for Erarta that in someway continue certain paintings from the museum collection, the museum says that often art-animation helps visitors develop a different or better understanding of a piece of work, sometimes in a wholly unexpected way.

The galleries located in the northern wing of the building display original works by artists who may not be represented in the Erarta Museum, these works are for sale and the gallery on the first floor houses monthly personal exhibitions or artistic projects.

The Workshop and Art Shop

In the art shop, visitors are able to buy productions from the Erarta workshop for example ready-made prints (copies of paintings on paper or canvas) and giclees (copies of paintings with final hand-made improvements), as well as order copies of any painting in the museum or electronic collection. Giclees and prints are sold in a tube or on a stretcher, as well as being decorated with a framework chosen by the customer from the wide range on offer.

The Facilities

There is a gift shop where a wide range of designer souvenirs and prints are available, and some of the Erarta brand-name products are especially popular.

There is a restaurant the "Aivazovsky" offering Russian and European cuisine and two cafes the "АRT point" café and the "Royal" cafe, with live music.

All in all a visit to Erarta is a great way to understand modern Russia and perhaps bring home a really memorable souvenir.

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