Jay and Jan Mangum

Hello TJ Travel,

My wife Jan and I recently visited your city on the Sapphire Princess cruise ship (about 3 weeks ago.) We bought a private tour for the 2 days we were there and had the pleasure of working with Renat and Elizabeth for both days. It was not only the highlight of our cruise, but the best escorted tour of any kind we have ever had. These 2 employees of yours are marvelous. The spacious and smooth riding Mercedes was an unexpected treat as well!

Elizabeth made us feel completely at home from the first moment. The grace, courtesy and professionalism she showed never faded. Her knowledge of the landmarks is amazing. We gave her some special challenges and she handled them all smoothly. Jan had injured her knee and we needed a wheelchair several times, using one on the 3 longest tours. That obviously slowed us down, but she never showed any frustration and worked with us as if we were her parents rather than strangers. I never felt we were missing any attractions due to the delays were causing. I was constantly wandering off taking photos and I know that was hard on her, but again she adjusted with great style and patience. She was a queen of courtesy and the whole experience was delightful!

Renat was also quite competent behind the wheel. He moved us through heavy traffic, road construction, traffic jams, narrow roads and around slow cars with amazing skill. I would look up and see the road blocked, expecting a long delay, and before I knew it he found an opening and had slipped past it all, putting us back on track in a fraction of the time I had expected to lose. I cannot get over how often and how well he did that. This skill got us to each attraction quicker, giving us more time to enjoy the things we came to see. As a result we were able to see more within the time allowed. He would swiftly slip through narrow holes between cars that most drivers in the U.S. could never get through without creeping along. Jan and I took a long time at many stops, accidentally putting pressure on him to make it up where he could. He showed great talent in doing just that.

We cannot think of one thing these two great individuals could have done better. Really. Elizabeth and Renat are great examples of top level employees and good ambassadors for the city and TJ Travel. Thanks for assigning them to us! We will give a glowing report to Trip Advisor, and will tell everybody we know to use you guys when they come to your city!

Attached are several photos they patiently waited for me to take. Thanks again to them and to your company!

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