Kathi & Larry Bramblett

The decision to use TJ Travel for our tour in St Petersburg & Berlin resulted in one of our best travel experiences ever.

Our small group of 12 were very well suited, stayed together and truly shared the experience of St Petersburg together.  Our guide Victoria was excellent,  very well spoken, extremely knowledgeable and sensitive to the needs of the group.  At Peterhof gardens she suggested that my husband, who was having trouble with all the walking, break off from the group and meet us at the Fountains.  This worked out perfectly and gave him a chance to rest and enjoy the Fountains more than if he was struggling to keep up.

Our driver Tony proved to be an expert in negotiating the traffic and always being there when we were ready to meet him.  Lunch both days was good.  The first restaurant was a little slow in service and the food unremarkable.  The second day the service was very good and the food excellent. The overall experience was amazing, a once in a lifetime tour made very special by Victoria, Tony and TJ Travel.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention our evening excursion to the Folk Show.  We were met by a driver who took us to the location of the show where we were met by our guide for this portion.  This young college student was very professional and took great care of us.  I believe his name was Krill.  We really wanted to get something to eat since it was 6pm and we were very tired and hungry from the long two day tour.  He led us right under the street and over to a restaurant that was excellent.  We had a nice light dinner, bought him a coke and we hurried over to the show.  We did wind up in the back row, but it was worth it to have that break and some food.

Our trip to Berlin was just as well organized and while it is a long bus ride, it was well worth going.  Again the guide was very good, transportation efficient and clean.

We are very happy that we chose TJ Travel.  We probably should have used them in the other ports, but we wanted to have the freedom to be on our own.  We know that we get tired and sometimes we won't get to see everything. 

Kathi & Larry Bramblett

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