Lomonosov (Oranienbaum)

Lomonosov (Oranienbaum) | St Petersburg Attractions

Lomonosov is a town located along the Peterhof road, about 40km from St Petersburg. Lomonosov contains several parks and palaces including the Sliding Hill Pavilion, the Grand Menshikov Palace (not to be confused with the other Menshikov Palace in the center of St Petersburg), The Palace of Peter III, The Chinese Palace, and the Stone Hall Pavilion.

The Chinese palace was built in 1762-1768 by Italian architect Antonio Rinaldi. One of the most beautiful things about this palace is the painted ceilings and walls which were made specifically for the Chinese Palace. Empress Catherine II used the palace as her private country house and was opened usually only for her close friends. The Chinese Palace was opened as a museum in 1922.

The Palace of Peter the Third was also built by Antonio Rinaldi between 1759-1762 for Grand Duke Peter Fedorovich. The largest room of the palace is the paintings hall, containing works of Italian, Flemish, Dutch, German painters from the 18th-19th centuries. The main hall, designed with rounded corners, has excellent acoustics. In 1761-1762 the walls were decorated with beautiful oriental style paintings by Fedor Vlasov. Of particular value are two walnut chairs, bought by Peter II in Paris. Also in the palace is the uniform of Colonel Holstein along with a sword, cocked hat and scarf. Colonel Holstein was the commander of the palace and was often seen in this uniform greeting visitors from the balcony. The palace was not damaged in World War II and remains in its original condition.

The Grand Menshikov Palace with the Lower Regular Garden was constructed by Giovanni Maria Fontana and Gottfried Schidel in 1711-1727 for Prince Alexander Menshikov, the first Governor General of St Petersburg, the closest associate of Peter I. The Menshikov Palace, along with the other palaces was built after Russia extended its empire after achieving victory in The Great Northern War (1700-1721) against the Swedish which left Russia as the new major power in the Baltic Sea.

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