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Pat Novak-CallCosta Pacifica08/05/201508/16/201508/11/201508/12/2015I would like to join a tour I have checked cruise critic and posted there to see if anyone else is interested Please let me know if I can join an existing tour for August 11 and 12th thanks pat
Kevin HartleyMS Eurodam08/07/201508/20/201508/10/201508/11/2015Aug 10 "Russian Experience" Evening excursion; (7-10:30pm). So far there is 5 signed up, looking for another to make it 6 (min # for the advertised $45/pp price)
Kevin HartleyMS Eurodam08/07/201508/20/201508/10/201508/11/2015Aug 11 (not Aug 10, sorry!); "Russian Experience" Evening excursion; (7-10:30pm). So far there is 5 signed up, looking for another to make it 6 (min # for the advertised $45/pp price)
James McKeonCelebrity Eclipse08/08/201508/22/201508/14/201508/15/2015We arrive at 7:00 am on Friday 08/14/2015 Depart 08/15/2015 at 6:00 pm. We are interested in seeing some sites in St.Petersburg & doing an evening event the 1st day. The 2nd day something lighter, not a full day tour. Joining a group two is fine. This is our 3rd trip to St. Petersburg, so we want a less busy itinerary. We've been to all the major sites, but don't mind re-visiting some of them!
mick breezecelebrity Eclipse08/08/201508/22/201508/08/201508/08/2015We arrive at 7:00 am on Friday 08/14/2015 Depart 08/15/2015 at 6:00 pm we are looking to join up with some people to do a 2 day trip to see the sights can you help ?? Thanks Mick
tasneamncl morning star08/10/201508/19/201508/14/201508/15/2015we are a couple visiting Russia for the first time and do not wish to take the tour offered by the cruise liner. We would like to join a group and would like to see ballet on 14/8/2015 if possible.Otherwise very flexible
Janelle LoynesAzamara Quest08/13/201508/25/201508/16/201508/17/2015Do you organise to have Russian visa for us to do this tour.
Nancy CottenMarina08/14/201508/21/201508/18/201508/19/2015My husband and I are looking to join a group tour with TJ travel for one or both days we are in St. Petersburg. We are not really museum people but would like to see the Faberge and like to do a little shopping as well. We just want to see the highlights and of course learn a bit of Russian history. Is there a daytime ballet? Please let me know what is available. Thanks
yvonne evanssilver whisper08/17/201508/27/201508/23/201508/25/2015Hi Everyone I have customised a 3 day tour with TJ Travel hoping to add a few different places to visit as well as the usual places one must see. We are in our sixties and hopefully fit enough to cope with 3 busy days!I am hoping for another 2-3 couples only to share our tour . If you are interested in seeing the itinerary please email me.
yvonne evanssilver whisper08/17/201508/27/201508/23/201508/25/2015HI Everyone I am going to add my email as I thought it would show in my original message! [email protected]
Ken TanNorwegian Star08/19/201508/28/201508/23/201508/25/2015We are a couple and would like to join up with others for a 2 day St Petersburg tour.
D WagnerEurodam08/19/201509/07/201508/30/201508/31/2015My wife and I would like to take the two day standard excursion and we hope others from the Eurodam would join us.
Margaret IlesAdonia08/22/201509/07/201508/29/201508/30/2015We are a party of 2 hoping to join up with others from the same ship for a 2 day organised tour in St Petersburg with T J Tours.
Barbara M WoodringNorwegian Cruise Line Star08/28/201509/06/201509/01/201509/02/2015We are two couples who would like to book the All Highlights 2-day (20 hr) tour of St Petersburg. We'd also like to add on the evening Folklore show on Sept 1st. We need to know how/when we pay for the tour as well as how we tip our guide/driver (what currency). We look forward to hearing from you soon so we can book this excursion.