Dyagilev P.S. International Festival of Arts

Dyagilev P.S. International Festival of Arts in St Petersburg Russia

For the 6th consecutive time the Dyagilev P.S. International Festival of Arts will take place in St Petersburg. It will be held from the 15th till the 24th of November. The festival takes its beginning in 2009. That was the year of “the Russian seasons” centenary. Sergey Dyagilev is a Russian artist and theatrical figure, one of the founders of “The World of Arts Group", the organizer of “The Russian seasons” in Paris and the troupe of “the Russian Ballet of Dyagilev”.  During the festival visitors will be able to attend conferences, exhibitions, concerts, master-classes and see ballet shows.

Dyagilev P.S. International Festival of Arts in Saint Petersburg Russia

The official program of the festival will be opened by the London ballet premier of 2014 on the stage of the BDT Theater. “Torobaka” is a gripping and exciting duet of the two men who are the authors of this amazing play, namely: one of the leading choreographers of flamenco (Israel Galvan) and a British choreographer, master at a classical Indian dance so called as kathak (Akram Han).

Dyagilev P.S. International Festival of Arts in Saint Petersburg Russia

One of the outstanding events of the festival is going to be a performance of the 2 pianists from Spain (Juan Fernando and Jose Enrique Moreno Gistain). During their concert visitors will be able to listen to musical compositions of Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov, Glazunov, Gabriel Faure and Manuel de Falla.

At the end of the festival all visitors will have an opportunity to go to the ballet performed by the troupe of Martha Graham, the founder of American modern dance.

Photos courtesy of http://www.diaghilev-ps.ru/

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