Hunt for the Missing Amber Room of Russia

German Treasure Train Uncovered within Poland which could include the Amber Room

Two individuals claim to have discovered a Five-hundred ft armoured German treasure train while having alerted the authorities, bringing about a significant excitement from the small city. The hidden train could possibly include the famous first Amber Room of the Tsars, the first of which continues to be missing since the conclusion of World War 2.

Prominent history buff Tom Bower remarked "What is actually thrilling is that in St Petersburg the Russian governing administration developed a copy, that is simply amazing. However to uncover the authentic Imperial Amber Room could be the greatest discovery. There is just a small chance that the amber room might be inside the armoured Nazi train...It would be splendid if the original amber room was there."

The First Russian Amber Room

Tsar Peter the Great obtained the famous Amber Room as a gift . As the end of World War 2 neared the Nazi administration started to relocate treasure straight back to Germany and maybe took the Amber Room with a secret train.

Bower added the Nazis "put plenty of loot on submarines to South America. They took loot to Austria. They took it even to North Africa…. Certainly, they hid a lot in Germany itself.… The finding of an armoured train undetectable in Poland arouses plenty of interest that this could possibly be among those trains transporting extra German valuables.”

The German train could hold "substantial art and treasure possibly obtained from the Soviet Union collections, especially around St Petersburg," said Bower.

While the Russian Red Army neared the German authorities apparently sent a top secret armored train to the town of Breslau.

With gold, gems, and possibly the missing Amber Room inside its armored doors the armored German train was coming to the German capital of berlin but never achieved the last destination. It's possible the nazi treasure train got trapped in a secret tunnel.

Many ideas abounded regarding the whereabouts of the mystery German train once the conflict finished and the city of Breslau became a part of Poland (afterwards renamed to Wroclaw).

1 Polish citizen touted the shipment was positioned in the town of Walbrzych, roughly Seventy km's to the southwest of Wroclaw. The proposition is that the top secret German armored train is underground within a tunnel under the castle.

Hence the latest discovery of a nazi treasure train hidden within a concealed tunnel was really a bit of a surprise taking into consideration the areas were actually searched by the Russian army as well as residents. "And the question is exactly why this tunnel was covered at the conclusion of the war and was only identified so recently. That is the great mystery. Quite possibly, the doorway into the train tunnel was blown up or possibly there was some sort of cave-in. But that is what is so uncommon," Bower said.

The authorities of Poland affirmed the german train is in fact entombed inside the train tunnel that Andreas Richter and Piotr Koper observed with a map of the castle which reveals a train tunnel running underneath the castle.

People from around the globe have arrived to the city of Walbrzych to find the german train or very similar disguised tunnels that may possibly possess considerable treasures

No one can say for certain if the missing Amber Room is going to be identified among the valuables in the mystery nazi train, but the chance is out there.

Here is a video with regards to the storyline happening currently in Poland:

History of the Imperial Amber Room

Amber has long been treasured for its great beauty and is especially admired by Russian people because of the Amber Room.

Then The King of Prussia offered the room to Tsar Peter the Great of Russia in the year 1716 as an expression of solidarity.

The Germans took the the original Amber Room outside of Soviet Russia and very quickly disappeared. The Russian authorities painstakingly crafted a duplicate that was made available in 2003 on the 300th birthday celebration of St Petersburg.

Present of Solidarity

The initial Imperial Amber Room was on display at Charlottenburg Palace and was created for Friedrich I, who had been the very first King of Prussia.

While visiting the country of Prussia Tzar Peter the Great adored its natural beauty and in the year Frederick William I gifted the celebrated room for the Csar to make an alliance against Sweden.

The first Amber Room was delivered to St Petersburg (then the capital of Imperial Russia) and set up in the famous Winter Palace. Immediately after that it was moved to Catherine Palace in 1755. It was here that Italian artist Bartolomeo Rastrelli enlarged the Amber Room with increased natural amber and a renovation.

The original Amber Room was used for relaxation by Czarina Elizabeth .

At this point in the room's history over 6 tons of natural amber and gemstones have been used on the room including sections having gold. As of the year 2015 the predicted valuation on the original the first Amber Room is approximately $500 million dollars.

Stealing the Amber Room

Operation Barbarossa (June 22, 1941) found in excess of 3 million German troops rush to the Soviet Union along with special squads planning to find treasure and particularly the Imperial Amber Rom as Adolf Hitler believed the room was developed by Germans for Germans.

Inspite of the finest efforts of the curators in Pushkin to disassemble or conceal the Amber Room in back of wallpaper, the room was removed and forwarded to Königsberg Castle in present-day Kaliningrad.

Alfred Rohde secured the room displayed for 2 years inside Königsberg Castle until it was ordered transported in 1943.

Missing Treasure

In the year 1945 Hitler directed the taken items from Königsberg returned to Berlin.

Substantial shelling in the town by Russian, British, and US forces ruined the castle and no one is sure if the original Amber Room was destroyed, relocated, or concealed.

The whereabouts of the missing Imperial Amber Room were lost to history at this stage inspite of the finest initiatives of the Red Army to locate it.

Possibilities Abound

Lots of theories are present in connection with the circumstances of the mysterious Russian Amber Room

A number of people presume the easiest theory which is the Amber Room was damaged or lost when Königsberg Castle was damaged.

Another idea suggests the first room is still concealed in Kaliningrad, Russia and native citizens have undertaken all attempts to locate it.

A ship at the bottom of the Baltic Sea is yet another potential resting place of the Amber Room.

When German researchers identified a plot to sell one of many original panels in 1997 a new hope was discovered. Sadly no information about the panel's origin was found.

Many inhabitants of the Soviet Union believed the German Army looted a replica Amber Room set up by Stalin and the original room is still unknown somewhere inside Russia.

There's even a “Amber Room Curse" regarding a number of people linked to the room have had unlucky finishes.

Treasure seeker Mr. Georg Stein had been searching for the room inside a Bavarian woodland when he was killed.

New Amber Room

Following 25 years of work the new "room of amber" was finished in 2003 for around $11 million us dollars.

German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder was with Russian President Vladimir Putin to present the room using a peaceful atmosphere.

Vladimir Putin at the Amber Room

Learn more about the Amber Room here:

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