Travels of Ibn Battuta at Hermitage Museum

New Exhibit at the Hermitage Museum - "A Gift to Contemplators" - The Travels of Ibn Battuta

This exhibit outlines the journeys of the remarkable Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta.  He was a world traveler from (1324-1353) and his stops included a long list of amazing places including the Middle East, Africa, Asia Minor, Central Asia, China, and even Constantinople. He is widely considered one of the greatest travelers in history.

His famous book describes his various experiences and the cultures of the people he came into contact with.

Hermitage Museum photo

There are over 300 displays at the Hemitage Museum exhibit and many are being shown publicly for the first time including ceramics, textiles, metalworks, glass, coins and more. Visitors can follow along on the routes followed by Ibn Battuta and read his experiences.

In addition, the Russian National Library is opening up 30 rare Christian, Muslim, and Hebrew manuscripts and the Mardjani foundation is including special costumes worn during that time period.

This exhibition runs until December 12th, 2015.

Your Hermitage Museum ticket includes free access to the Ibn Battuta exhibition. You will find the exhibition on the 3rd Floor of the Winter Palace.

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