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We are glad to offer you the large variety of our Baltic options, and to make the process of booking easier, we have combined the most popular group tours together, so you can book any St. Petersburg group option together with the other Baltic tours. The whole package can be paid while you stay in St. Petersburg. When you book a group package tour, we guarantee that this tour departs even if one person has signed up. Groups in the Baltic ports are usually up to 26 people maximum, and in Tallinn group options are implied for groups of up to 16 people: this is very comfortable when you walk in the Old Town of Tallinn. Our tour guides in the Baltic cities aim to make people feel their personal touch during even group tours, and this is one of our main advantages. In case you wish to get the most comprehensive impression about any city you like,  you could choose a private tour: we can arrange tours in any museum and we also have Jewish tours in almost every city of the Baltics. Each client will find the Baltic tours which answer his/her taste. St. Petersburg options are the real gem of any package we have, and you can take Exclusive Faberge tour, or Standard, or All Highlights group tour as the part of the package. In St. Petersburg groups are from 12 up to 16 people in each depending on the option. We are glad to inform you that our Baltic packages already include the discounted rates for Baltic group tours because you also take St. Petersburg.

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