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Royal Parks & Residences of St. Petersburg. A Bicycle Tour


Our partner is offering bike tours in St. Petersburg. If you would like to inquire about bike tours please use the link below and you will be forwarded to j-verne.com. In case of any "bike tours" questions, please contact Alexander: shuretz@googlemail.com


Beautiful residential palaces of Saint Petersburg are highly visited by tourists nowadays, however their huge green and quiet delightful parks still remain unexplored by many visitors. They also include dozens of fine architectural items of different styles such as music pavilions, playing fountains, bathes, Greek rotundas, foot-bridges, graceful marble sculptures. Beginning with Peter the Great parks had become an essential part of the Royal family and nobility in Russia. Wedding and coronation ceremonies, games, tricks, daily processions and love stories happened there.

We offer you to relax riding bicycles and having pick-nicks on the background of spacious residential woods of Peterhof, Pavlovsk and Pushkin. We normally visit small pavilions and gardens with their green meadows instead of crowded grand palaces. Blue pounds and 18-19-th century classical style ruins bring peace and unique atmosphere like similar scenes of nature and nobility on the canvases of Claude Lorren and Antonie Watto. You also may add an excursion to the Grand palace in Pavlovsk, Pushkin or Peterhof in our tour. A bike excursion covers the huge area for observation and includes visits to many small and cute sights tourists could hardly see in ordinary tours.



Special Interest St Petersburg Tours | TJ Travel

Catharine the Great presented a huge area of the park to her son Paul I. One of the largest in Europe it covers the area of 600 hectares. The park varies in landscapes, ranging from the shady forest paths of the Valley of Ponds to the widely open spaces of the White Birch. The best European and Russian architects of the period created the harmony of this Royal residence and the palace: Cameron, Brenna, Quarenghi, Voronikhin and Rossi. The park abounds graceful items of marble, bronze statues, 19 century pavilions and constructions in romantic style crowned by Paul’s palace. Little relief gives lovely and peaceful views from elevations.

Feel the real conditions of Russian Royal residence slowly cycling small paths and ways where Paul I, his wife Maria and servants went along. Visit 19th century Pavlovsk concert hall and the rail way station where Straus, Rubinstein, Chaikovskiy and many other well-known composers performed best pieces of music. Have a picnic on the green meadow with peaceful views around. Our guide will take you through the time telling stories about former dwellers life style, their love stories and of course, conspiracy deals.


  • a bicycle tour
  • a bicycle tour and an inside visit to the Paul’s Palace



Special Interest Tours in St Petersburg | TJ Travel

This highly attractive residence of Peter the Great, the founder of St Petersburg, is well known for its fountain park. However, Peterhof site is surrounded by the huge area of parks with graceful historical architecture constructions, pounds and woods along the adjacent views of the blue Baltic Sea.

Parks around Peterhof fountain residence were set in 19-th century by the personal wish of Emperor Nicolas I for his precious wife Maria and pretty daughters Olga and Alexandra.

Relax riding through Alexandria Park observing or visiting royal cottages in English style, Gothic church and first telegraph building in Russia. Enjoy the peaceful views of the Olga’s and Empress’ pavilions located on the Islands in the nearest park where the daughters and wife spent time with their careful father and husband. Finish your journey with a picnic on the green meadows by the river Ropsha visiting the source of all Peterhof fountains.

Our guide will show you around and tell plenty of stories about family life of Russian Royalty.

All of these quiet and precious sites are unknown for most of the visitors and only found by the tourists with an exquisite taste.


  • a bicycle tour
  • a bicycle tour and an inside visit to pavilions of Russian princesses


Pushkin / Tsars Village

Special Interest Tours of St Petersburg | TJ Travel

This sight is popular nowadays mainly due to the activity of three famous persons. Elizabeth, a daughter of Peter I, rebuilt a modest construction of her father into a luxurious palace in baroque style. Now it is known as the Catherine’s Palace, which takes 7-10 thousand visitors per day. Catherine the Great, famous abroad for her favorites, added some essential architectural items in a classical style to the ensemble of the palace and set the landscape park. She also built a graceful palace and set a big garden with numerous pavilions in China style for her beloved grandson Alexander I who defeated Napoleon. Alexander Pushkin, a genius of Russian literature, had been studying there in 19th century in a special school for talented youth. That is why the town has such a name. Nicolas II, the last Russian Emperor killed by communists, preferred to spend most of the time with his family here. He is also known from dairies as the perfect husband and a father. Due to adjacent contacts with Europe of Russian rulers this sight is famous since 18-th century.


  • a bicycle tour
  • a bicycle tour and an inside visit Catharine the Great’s pavilions



Start: St Petersburg city centre / cruise ship. You are taken by a shuttle bus from your hotel to the park chosen in case of the group. If you are individuals joining to the group – ask managers about the meeting place.


The bike tour lasts about 2.5 hours plus 2 hours is the round trip by car.

Eating options:

  • meals in a Russian traditional wooden restaurant
  • picnic - if you feel more like a backpacker – take some snacks with you


Why to book with us?

  • avoid crowds in the any grand palaces – more rest and pleasure
  • small groups – feel friendly and comfortable
  • ride a bike along the meadows and woods of the parks – active and healthy
  • observing whole architectural items of residences – more informative
  • expanded excursion with our guide including information about the Catherine’s Palace, Pavlovsk Palace, Alexander’s Palace, school of Pushkin
  • facts about personalities of the Russian Royal family and their associates – interesting and lively historical information
  • Of course, a guide has plenty of curious stories about Catherine’s lovers to tell you.
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