St. Petersburg private tours

St. Petersburg tours with personal local guide

Our company is happy to present different St. Petersburg private tours for you. It does not matter if you have a sweet tooth or love pub crawling, or a museum fan, or you are traveling with kids. We are able to accommodate either requests and interests to make your trip to St. Petersburg special!

The hot pies of either season are the Jewish Heritage tour and the Child-friendly tour. If you are traveling with kids, you can just relax as our choice falls on the sites where your kid won’t get bored. We have different sorts of activities for kids of any age and it's important to know what would you like to see or experience so that we can customize a tour that would be unique. The Jewish Heritage tour is a tour which tells a lot about Jewish people in Russia and gives you an opportunity to visit the sites tightly connected to the Jewish history. You can also change your itinerary if you feel like adding other places of interest would diversify your Jewish tour.

Probably, you have already been to St. Petersburg and this is your second - time visit. No problem! We will show you off the beaten track sites and authentic places. You will see the St. Petersburg of the 21st century with its upscale restaurants, cozy coffee houses, nice walking areas mixed up with the St. Petersburg of the Russian Tzars, the city of Dostoevsky and other great historical places. You will feel the real vibes of the city thanks to our professional company!

A trip in a small group is the best way to explore the city — see also our group tours in St. Petersburg.

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