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Enjoy your time in St Petersburg, Russia with a local tourist company, TJ TRAVEL. We are professional company, fully licensed,  include the best English speaking private tour guides from St Petersburg, Russia and know our business and city from the inside out.


We have extensive experience working with individuals and couples, ocean and river cruise passengers, small and large tour groups, and school and college groups, Tourists of Jewish origin (we know that ancestors of many of them lived in Russia before the Revolution) are of great interest to us – we have a customized tour for you; see it on our Special Interest Tours page.

We focus our attention on on what is of interest FOR YOU and then organize a program, combining excursions and tours to your specific tastes and interests. We’ll then help deal with any queries or issues which may arise. Our prices are based on the duration of the excursion. Special requests are never a problem as our skillful and experienced guides can handle just about anything.

We are fully authorized tourist company and our register number is MBT 011381 in the Federal Agency of tourism of Russian Federation

Why Choose TJ Travel for Your St Petersburg Tour or Shore Excursion

1) You are the reason we’re in business, and our goal is that you will enjoy and see St. Petersburg in such a way that you’ll cherish those memories forever. You’re important to us, and we offer our flexibility in adjusting a tour to meet your satisfaction.

2) We’re proud of our wonderful team of travel guides, which is why our business is so successful. We take great pride in our selection process for hiring our employees, so that they can offer you the trust and personal touch you deserve. Did you know that our guides do their best to get you into places without having to wait in line? That, in itself, is a great perk, especially when your time is so valuable.

As one of our guests, you will be shown the area by a local guide; yes, an English-speaking, professional who will amaze you with the knowledge and insider information that you’ll learn while on one of our tours. Our guides exude a friendly and positive attitude throughout the time spent with you. Besides the fact that our guides have at least eight years’ experience, they are fully licensed and they’re graduates of St. Petersburg universities. During the winter months, many of our guides work as teachers, helping to conduct courses for individuals wishing to learn more about the tour guide career requirements.

3) Our drivers have worked with cruise ship passengers for many years. One thing is for sure…you will NEVER be late getting back to your ship when you book your tour with TJ Travel!
Our drivers are professionals in every sense of the word. They’re extremely polite, attentive to your questions and wishes, and they’re punctual. They know the city like the palm of their hands, and very rarely will you have to sit in traffic for hours, because they know the shortcuts and the back roads that will allow you to arrive at your destinations on time.
When you’re traveling, your time and comfort are very important elements of making a good trip into a great trip. That’s why both the guide and driver work together as a team. They always do their best to make sure that the time they spend with you is an experience that will make you feel so important and special.

4) At TJ Travel, we have a strict non-smoking policy. Our modern, comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles are non-smoking.

5) The guests who travel with us on our guided tours always seem to leave the best reviews about us on sites such as, Tripadvisor and Cruise Critic. In fact, we’re happy to report that we don’t have any negative reviews!

6) The TJ Travel team cares about you!

We have added little bonus gifts and conveniences for your added comfort, and, at no extra cost. You will receive a map of St. Petersburg and a poncho in case of rainy weather. We provide you with bottled water during your tour and and an earphone system if there are more than ten people in the group. If you are travelling with children, we also provide car seats for each child’s safety while in the vehicle. And we’ve gone even further by supplying our guests with folding chairs and wheelchairs if someone in your group needs one.

7) Our team is well-organized!

If someone in your group feels tired and just doesn’t want to continue on with the tour, guess what? The tour doesn’t end. We will personally take that person (or couple) back to the ship while the rest of the group continues on with their tour. We have a manager/driver ready to pick up the person or couple who doesn’t wish to continue the tour, and we’ll take them back to the ship. You will not be inconvenienced. This is just one more reason why our customers love us. We care about YOU!

We work day and night! You can contact us any time about anything .Besides that convenience and flexibility, we always have a representative at the port at all times. If any of your cruise mates get off the ship much later, our representative is always waiting for him or her.

8) The owner / CEO of TJ Travel is Tatyana. She loves people, and she’s been working as a guide for thirteen years. In fact, she knows her business from inside out! She graduated from St. Petersburg University with a specialty in Philology, and her studies are a natural extension of her work. But it’s not right to call it “work.” Confucius said: “Do what you really like to do and you’ll never have a working day.”

9) We are a founding member of the Cruise Industry Association, and we’re on the board of directors. The port authorities are also on our board of directors, which is one more reason why we are a very famous and respected company at the St. Petersburg Port “Marine façade.” This gives us a priority to enter museums without our guests waiting in line. This is also due to the excellent planning achieved by our managers’ team. Whenever possible, we organize early entrances to the museums. For the Hermitage Museum, we have included early admittance in all our programs.

10) All of our fixed price tours have guaranteed departures, even if only one person is signed up! You pay us only on the second day of the tour. Our motto is: First try, then pay. There is no extra charge placed on your credit card.

11) Our group tours are unique! We limit most of our tours within the fixed price system to a maximum number of twelve people in each group. The exception to this is our All St.Petersburg Highlights two-day tours that will accommodate up to 16 people.

We have Baltic package tours, and you can book all tours from one place, such as Tallinn, Helsinki, Berlin, and Stockholm.

In Stockholm, we have included five hours of touring, which includes the entrance to City Hall and the Vasa Museum. In Tallinn, we have included two transfers by vehicles to the Old town and back!

We have so much in store for you, and we know you’ll be pleased beyond your wildest imagination after you’ve been on one of our tours. We’re looking forward to organizing the best tour for you! Tell us how we can help you.

TJ Travel Team



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