St. Petersburg Attractions

St Petersburg Church of Our Saviour on the Spilt BloodSt Petersburg offers 89 museums: 43 natural, scientific, and technical; 18 literary, 49 artistic, 39 historical, 24 Regional!!! We have listed some of the most popular with our guests below. Please click on the name of the museum to get more information. Of course none of these places can be fully appreciated without seeing it in person with one of our No deposit, Visa-Free Shore Excursions.

Hermitage Museum The State Hermitage Museum

Russian Museum in St Petersburg Russia Russian Museum

Cruiser Aurora Cruiser Aurora

Naval Military Museum in St Petersburg Russia Naval Military Museum

Kunstcamera Chamber of Curiosities (Kunstkamera)

Artillery Museum in St Petersburg Russia Artillery Museum

Yusupov Palace in St Petersburg Russia Yusupov Palace

The Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra in St Petersburg Russia The Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra

Peter and Paul Fortress in St Petersburg Russia Peter and Paul Fortress

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St Petersburg Russia Church of “Our Savior on the Spilt Blood”

St Isaac's Cathedral in St Petersburg Russia St Isaac’s Cathedral

Catherine Palace near St Petersburg Russia Catherine Palace (featuring the Amber Room)

Pavlovsk Palace and Park near St Petersburg Russia Pavlovsk

Peterhof Palace and Fountains near St Petersburg Russia Peterhof

Oranienbaum in Lomonosov near St Petersburg Russia Oranienbaum (Lomonosov)

Veliky Novgorod Kremlin View Novgorod

Shlisselburg Fortress near St Petersburg Russia Shlisselburg Fortress

Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts in St Petersburg Russia Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts

Siege Memorial in St Petersburg Russia Siege Memorial

Konstantinovsky Palace near St. Petersburg Russia Konstantinovsky Palace

Grand Choral Synagogue in St Petersburg Russia Grand Choral Synagogue

Museum of Political History in St Petersburg Russia Museum of Political History

Souvenir Shopping in St. Petersburg

The Erarta Museum and Gallery of Contemporary Art

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