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Testimonials from Our Clients

  • Tim Walker | January 2016

    Hi all, thought I would add my two cents worth here for SPB.  We arrived via Silversea Cruise lines to St Petersburg at 0800.  Smaller ships, like the SS and…

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  • Karen Kiser | April 2014

    Hello Olga, Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our 2 day Highlights Tour with Alex on May 17 & 18. It was enjoyable traveling with a…

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  • Maree McCarthy | September 2014

    Just a brief email to say that the group of us were enormously happy with the service you give. From the pickup at the cruise ship to getting us back…

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  • Tim Walker | January 2016

    Hi all, thought I would add my two cents worth here for SPB.  We arrived via Silversea Cruise lines to St Petersburg at 0800.  Smaller ships, like the SS and…

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  • Marjorie L Lyons | January 2016

    We had an awesome 2 day excursion in St. Petersburg with TJ Travel. We booked the All Highlights tour, and were thrilled with everything. We were among the first to…

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Tour Guides

  • myphoto-optimized
    Irina Rubashkina

    I have been working as a tour guide in Saint-Petersburg for over 15 years, and I am still enthralled with being a guide. I like meeting new people and sharing with them my knowledge of the history, art, and architecture of the city, and also my impressions of its unique charm and special aura. It is a city, which may appear different, but is always fascinating, romantic and enigmatic.

    I was born in Saint-Petersburg, and have lived here all my life. I remember this city in different periods: in Soviet times, when it was “the imperial capital with a provincial destiny”; when it was dirty and neglected at the beginning of 90-s; and I remember how the city started to flourish, and how it gained back its fame as the cultural capital of the country with clean avenues, restored buildings, polite and cultural people, and numerous museums, theatres and concert halls. I always feel pride when our visitors, having been charmed by Saint-Petersburg, exclaim “What a beautiful city you live in!”

    Being a guide I feel myself the “ambassador of peace” as very often I am the first Russian our tourists meet here. I try to do my best to convey the idea that although we are from different countries and Russian history is complex and unique, we share the same values as people elsewhere.

    Being a passionate traveller I always try to put myself “in the tourist’s shoes” and make the stay of our guests here comfortable and enjoyable, as people travel not only to get knowledge but also to relax and unwind.

    Guiding is my part-time job which I combine with teaching English to students of journalism and public relations at Saint-Petersburg University, my alma mater.

  • YjlgNdspuBs
    Elena Glazkova

    Welcome to St. Petersburg! My name is Elena Glazkova, I am a graduate of the department of languages and literature of the Perm Teacher Training University. Now I work as a tour guide. I’ve been working as a guide since 2006 and enjoy it very much. I like meeting people and sharing my knowledge of history and art, and also my memories, views, my personal experience of living in my country that has come through major changes.

    I wasn’t born in St. Petersburg but it became one of my favorite hobbies long ago. I like discovering new pages in the history of this beautiful city. Together with my friends and my daughter Sasha I like strolling along the embankments, visiting museums, walking in the shades of trees in the huge gardens of Peterhof, Tsars Village or Pavlovsk. Iwould be pleased to share my love to St. Petersburg with you!

    The best gratitude to me is to see that our guests from different countries enjoy being in the city, their smiles and thanks for the tour, their wish to come back to the city again and again!

  • 5X1cu_croper_ru-optimized
    Nina Pokrovskaya

    Hello! My name is Nina Pokrovskaya and I have been working as a licensed English-speaking tour guide in St Petersburg for 9 years.  I love this job so much that sometimes it seems to me I was born to be a guide, though I am a teacher of English and German languages by diploma. I was not born in Saint Petersburg but when in 2005 I moved here from Murmansk … I fell in love with this city forever!  People find me very communicative, passionate and active (one of our tourists compared me once with a firework), so I’ll be happy to share my love for this wonderful city with you!

    I enjoy meeting new people, telling them something really interesting about Russia and St. Petersburg. Believe it or not but one of my hobbies is answering questions!  I like when people are interested in the Russian history, our past and present, cuisine, everyday life, whatever! The best gratitude for me is to see that our guests from different countries enjoy the city and my excursions and they would like to come to Saint Petersburg again. Quite often they really do!

    I have been happily married for seven years and have got two little children. My daughter’s name is Catherine. We called her after the Russian Empress Catherine the Great! My husband works in the State Hermitage museum so we both like fine art, history and travelling. Being an active traveler myself, I know how to make my own excursions entertaining, dynamic, comfortable for everyone and special.

    I am sure that Saint Petersburg has much to offer the visitors and one would always find something interesting to see and to do here!

  • kuznetsova-optimized
    Elena Kuznetsova

    Hi, I am Elena, a licensed guide with over 9 years experience and many satisfied customers.  I was born in St. Petersburg. To my mind, it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I’m proud to live in such fascinating place. Northern capital of Russia is known for its monuments of history and culture, and unique architectural ensembles. I enjoy making my tourists happy to spend interesting time and to see beautiful places of my beloved city.  I always try to make our trips based on your wishes, that you could feel the hospitality of St. Petersburg.

    About me: Higher Education: St. – Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Work. Qualification – psychologist. I graduated from the Association of guides and interpreters in St. Petersburg in 2004, qualification guide-interpreter. I am an accredited guide to the Government of St. Petersburg.

    I conduct tours of St. Petersburg and its suburbs in the English language for large tour groups and individual tourists. License: Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Savior on Spilled Blood, the Yusupov Palace, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Peterhof, rivers and canals, sightseeing and walking tours.

  • 135-optimized
    Irina Avdeeva

    I am Irina Avdeeva. I trained to be a teacher of foreign languages at Teacher Training University. I took a course in the English and German languages. I have always been keen on English since I started to study it at school when I was ten. And later it didn’t take me long to decide what to do after finishing school.

    I used to teach English at university and to employees of different international companies for many years. I should say I really liked it. And also, I stayed in England for some time sharing my knowledge of Russian with students of Durham University which was an exciting experience.  But then I felt that I wanted to try something else. So I decided to change my line, did a course in tour guiding and made it my full time job.

    Living in such a fantastic city as St.-Petersburg gives you a lot of opportunities to learn and discover. And being a tour guide you have a constant need to move on to new knowledge. It is a very evolving job and you have to evolve with it.

    I entirely enjoy my job. Meeting new people, showing them around our stunning city and sharing your knowledge with them is really great. Moreover, it is very exciting and challenging to deal with people from around the world getting to know their cultures, traditions and views. In my opinion, I am quite a sociable and outspoken person and also, I reckon, quite talkative. So, apart from giving information about the city, I never refuse to speak about something else regarding the past and the present of our country, people’s everyday life and concerns and any other issues that might interest our guests.

    I love the city I live in. Every time I show  visitors around St.-Petersburg I can’t help feeling proud of it and falling in love with it again and again. So, why not come to St.-Petersburg and see everything with your own eyes with us?

  • 9crre_croper_ru-optimized
    Svetlana Shostatskaya

    My name is Svetlana. I graduated from the State Teachers´ Training University with a degree in literature and linguistics. I was born in Leningrad and live in Saint-Petersburg now, but I’ve never moved. Our city changed its name several times reflecting the most significant turning points of the country’s history. It happened so that my profession made me study this history, full of contradictions.

    Saint-Petersburg is not only my native city, but also my hobby and my inspiration. I believe that I have found my vocation, which is the greatest achievement of my life so far. I have always been in love with this city. But I managed to appreciate the beauty and mystery of Saint-Petersburg truly when I started training as a tour-guide. Since 2009, I have been working as a guide. This job is very special to me. What am I actually doing while conducting tours? I am sharing the adoration of my native city with people from all over the world, I am showing off the splendor of the Northern capital, and just having fun discussing everyday life. I can say without any hesitation that I am a happy person. I work with enthusiasm and pleasure since I really enjoy guiding. I can’t imagine any other profession which could make me as enthusiastic and satisfied as this one.

    As for my hobbies, I like travelling and reading. The more I travel, the better I realize how lucky I am living in such an amazing city. And travelling inspires me to study the arts, architecture and history of my hometown even more. What is the mystery of Saint-Petersburg to me? Every time I visit its imperial palaces and gardens with my guests, I discover something new and experience different emotions. Let’s discover Saint-Petersburg together!

  • VUoa6_croper_ru-2-e1425142367135-optimized
    Alexander Gorodinsky

    Hello dear travellers.

    I love travelling for its great opportunity to get a real knowledge about people and the world. When I came to St. Petersburg for studying I fell in love with this magnificent city – full of history, elegant architecture and interesting, literate and open minded people. It is said in Russiaif you study in St. Petersburg  you get two degrees at once: one – for your major in University, another – for culture and history. I can say, it is true.


    I got a master degree in Geography in St. Petersburg State University and The University of Bremen (Germany). For a few years I have been working on climate changes with German partners and participating in international expeditions to Arctic. While travelling I have been observing Russia from Hi-tech and historical cities to the real wild. Then I realized I would like to show all of this cultural and natural beauty of Russia to people to change their attitudes to Russia.

    After additional graduation Igot a certificate from the St. Petersburg Association of Professional Guides and Interpreters andI have been guiding around St. Petersburg for 4 years.

    I prefer to beinformal inmy excursions,having conversation to our guests rather than being boring like an audio guide. During our excursions we cover not only interesting and funny facts about highlights of the city, but also talk about everything happens to us in Russia: everyday life, habits of Russians, customes, politics etc. My favorite side tours are The Hermitage Diamond room and Catherine’s and Peterhof parks and pavilions by bicycle.

    As for hobbies, I like mountain biking and hiking a lot travelling this way on the Globe. I do yoga and interested in Indian philosophy. I am also keen on classical music andplay the piano.

    See you in magnificent streets of St. Petersburg!

  • 130-3-optimized
    Nadia Smotkin

    My name is Nadia. I have been living in St.Petersburg all my life, it is my native city. It is the city of my parents and grandparents. Therefore it is more than just my home – it is my culture, my lifestyle, my character, that have been formed through the generations. I have always felt a spiritual connection with my city and didn’t stop admiring its unique beauty: its magnificent and romantic rivers and canals, endless bridges, long and wide avenues decorated with elegant European style buildings, its treasures under the sky where every single stone and every house can tell its own story, where every palace still remembers its noble owners and the time of ceremonial receptions and luxurious balls.

    After graduating from the University of Foreign Languages (Department of Language Studies and Translation) I decided to apply my knowledge of the language to a new profession – a tour guide. For me guiding is not just a job, it’s my hobby and my pleasure to show the city where I live and to share my knowledge of its history and art. I have been guiding for many years and never regretted it! St.Petersburg gives me a lot of inspiration and energy. The real happiness for me is to live in the city I was born in, the city I am in love with.

  • SxIYq_croper_ru-2-optimized
    Ksenia Simutenko

    My name is Ksenia which means wellcoming.
    I`ve been doing my beloved job for almost ten years. It was my dream when a child to be a tour-guide and as all my dreams fulfill, I am a tour-guide.
    I was very lucky with my teacher, one of the best guides in Saint-Petersburg, who said: “your number one goal is to make your tourists happy”. This is my number one task and I try my best to succeed in it.
    I put a lot of humor in my excursions, making them interactive and vivid. Dialog is greater then a monologue and I learn a lot at my work.
    When my clients ask me how did I manage to learn SO much information about Saint-Petersburg, my native city, my answer is: “It’s not a problem to learn something that you love with all your heart and mind”.
    I`m also very lucky with my boss Tatiana, it`s a pleasure to work for a person you like and know very well
    My original education is teaching kids, so this is my second favorite activity. I put my pedagogical ideas into practice with my little one.
    I also have a masters degree in international communication, so I tend to be a person of the world. I almost never have a cultural shock when I go somewhere I have a cultural excitement.
    I`ve been to many countries and I have many more to visit.

  • IMG_3662-optimized
    Maria Kostina

    Hello! I am Maria. I am a local from Saint-Petersburg. I was born here and have lived here all my life. I have been a tour guide here for seven years. I have a degree in English and French. I also speak Italian. When there is free time I love meeting my friends, reading books and watching films about Russian history. During winter time when I am less busy I like arranging tours to unusual museums for my colleagues and friends.

    I love strolling the streets of Saint-Petersburg. I am deeply in love with my native city. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Full of history and beautiful places to visit. It is also called the museum in the open air. I will be happy to be your guide and share my city with you. You are warmly welcome to our city!

  • Irina

    Hello! I’m Irina,a tour guide. I was born in St. Petersburg and never lived anywhere else. Have I traveled? Yes, but I always returned home. So, I love the city (but not always the weather) and know it very well. I graduated from Saint Petersburg State University, where I studied history. My major was the history of fine arts. I’m married and we are happy parents of a wonderful and very active boy and we think it’s not enough :) I like traveling very much. The most exciting experiences were in the United States, where I was an exchange student and in Siberia, when we went hiking in the mountains.

  • asemenova3

    My name is Alla, I am a graduate of the department of languages and literature of the St Petersburg State University and now I work as a translator and as a tour guide.

    My choice of profession did not come as a surprise neither for me – nor for my family or my friends.  Since childhood I’ve been fascinated by the city and its history. St Petersburg is one of my favorite hobbies. I love walking along the embankments with music in my player, or rollerskating in the centre, or taking pictures of the world famous places, so familiar, but every time a little bit new. In my life I have witnessed the major changes that the city and the country have come through. I was born in the Soviet Union and I have lived through the time of transition. As a tour guide I am ready to share my knowledge of history and art, and also my memories, views, my personal experience of living in this beautiful city in a very interesting period of time.

  • Ira

    Dear TJ Travel guests! My name is Irina Seits. I am a fully licensed tour guide of the company, and I am happy to make your stay in St. Petersburg the most memorable and comfortable experience! I love to share my admiration for this city with its guests, as I devoted my whole life to St. Petersburg. I love to travel around the world, but it was only once when I left St. Petersburg for the whole year when I went to the USA. As an exchange student I had lived with an American family and graduated from an American High School. I have traveled quite a bit around the US and thus a chance to keep in touch with people from the country where I spent my “sweet sixteen” makes my job twice as enjoyable. After I came back home I entered St. Petersburg State University, the Department of History. My first University Diploma Thesis was on the history of St. Petersburg architecture, and I continued to study the architecture of my city at the European University in St. Petersburg, where I got my second Master Degree in Fine Arts and later completed the PhD Academic Program (in the year 2009). Now I am doing my PhD dissertation on St. Petersburg Architecture. In addition, I graduated from a musical school (I play piano). St. Petersburg is a perfect city for an art historian or just an art lover, and I will be happy to help you explore the atmosphere of this magnificent and unique place!

  • Maria

    My name is Maria, I graduated from St. Petersburg State University in the faculty of sociology, I speak English and Spanish. I love to travel very much and to meet people that travel too, that’s why I work as a tour guide. Together with my husband we have already visited Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Mauritius, Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Egypt. Besides visiting old towns and their museums, we search for new spots (new for us) to practice kite surfing and mountain skiing.The other hobby that I have is my pets; I have a dog (German shepherd), a cat and a big parrot.

  • Ksenia1

    I was born in St Petersburg 26 years ago and have been living here all my life. I’ve been working as an English-speaking guide for 7 years. But it’s not right to call it “work”. Confucius said: “Do what you really like to do and you’ll never have a working day”. I’m one of those lucky people, who managed to do it.. to combine my passions of art, architecture, and my love of this beautiful city with my job. I graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (Master Degree in History of Fine Arts). I have a certificate from the St. Petersburg Association of Professional Guides and Interpreters. As for hobbies they are: photography, painting, sports (such as cycling and windsurfing) and guiding of course!

  • J4j5KTY7A8w-optimized

    I was born in Saint Petersburg and graduated from Saint Petersburg State University, with a Master’s degree in Oriental Studies and Philology. I have a Diploma from the School of Business (Economics Department), and attended courses on the theory and history of journalism in the 20th century. I’ve been working as a guide since 2002 and enjoy it very much. As a person I’m communicative, responsible, creative and artistic. I enjoy attending ballet (when I was a child I studied ballet) and opera, listening to music, watching movies, visiting art galleries, meeting with friends, and playing sports. I have a special interest in the historical past of Russia, trying to meet people from the former noble families. Some people say that the generation of the 1980s is a transitional one – from soviet to democratic Russia, we remember a little bit from the soviet past, but the mentality is absolutely different. We are more independent and open-minded. I like meeting people and I think that the process of communication can bring a lot of new emotions to our life.

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