St Petersburg Attractions

St Petersburg is a genuine treasure of paintings, magnificent architecture, elegant statuary, and historical legacy of Russia. St Petersburg experienced different epochs, went through revolutions, devastating wars, and terrible hunger, but did not lose its soul and charm.

Everyone has their own visions of St Petersburg - grey, yellow, snowy, rainy, cold, warm, romantic, charming, etc. You have a great chance to experience the city with TJ Travel to discover your own St Petersburg.

Its' magnificent buildings, curved canals, cobbled streets, royal parks, drawbridges and romantic white nights in summer create an unmatchable atmosphere which lures everyone who has ever been here to return again…

St Petersburg always was a source of inspiration for many well-known cultural masters who made this city so unique and special. Among them were Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Block, Brodsky, Mayakovsky, Tresini, Rastrelli, Voronichin, Dovlatov, Falkone and other word famous personalities. The city is still the cultural heart of Russia and attracts not only connoisseurs of art but thousands of tourists every year. St Petersburg is famous for its museums which surpass museums of Europe not only in exquisite interior/exterior but in amount of precious and ancient collections. On this page you will find all the top attractions we recommend you to visit to make sure that all we are saying is true.

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