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About TJ Travel | Tours & Shore Excursions in St Petersburg


We are very happy to introduce TJ Travel Company, which has been operating in the inbound tourism market for more than 10 years. We have accumulated a wealth of experience which helps us to meet all the needs of our clients, and make their trips always professionally arranged and memorable.
TJ Travel Company is specialized in providing service for cruise passengers and land travelers. Our competitive advantage is in our personal approach to each guest we host.
We are very proud of the fact that our tourists recommend us all over the world. However, we are not going to remain at the same level and the sky is the limit for us. We are improving our services day after day, taking into consideration each and every opinion of our clients.

Why choose TJ:

  • High level of service from knowledgeable and professional guides

We firmly believe that your trip’s success depends on your guide’s knowledge, personality and ability to create a friendly atmosphere. We provide you with full packages: both inside and outside excursions. As we are a small company, we pay a lot of attention in choosing our guides and we have an incredible record of success - our guides are the best in the industry, and are natives of St Petersburg – so you will see our city through the eyes of a local! They speak excellent English, are fully licensed, have a good sense of humor, create excursions that are flexible - depending on your interests, on your pace, and whether you are with children or not. One of the best members of our team will be with you.

  • Experienced drivers

Our drivers have been working with cruise ship passengers for many years. They are genuine professionals in every sense of the word. They are extremely polite, attentive to your questions and wishes, and punctual. They know the city like the back of their hands (shortcuts, back roads) which will allow you to arrive at your destinations on time.

When you’re traveling, your time and comfort are very important elements of making a good trip into a great trip. That’s why both the guide and driver work together as a team. They always do their best to make your trip special.

  • Well-organized team

You can contact us any time and we, in our turn, will answer you within 24 hours. All the necessary travel documents will be issued within 72 hours after booking the tour. You will always be met, by our representative, at each port you book.

You will never be late for your ship as we are always prepared for the unexpected and have a special extra van on stand by, in case of any emergency, to return you to your ship at the appointed time, at our expense.

  • Small groups

Groups of a small size guarantee flexibility, and easiness in handling your special requests.

  • Comfort

We will provide you with raincoats, in case of bad weather conditions, bottled water, headphones for groups of 10 people and more, wheel/folding chairs and car seats for small children. We believe that such things should be free of charge as they are essential parts of your comfort!

  • Charity

Childhood is the happiest time in our life. We all remember how happy we were to get a new toy from our parents, how we were very excited when, with our parents, we set off for unexplored places and how we were always loved and protected by our relatives. However life is sometimes desperately unfair to some children, to the ones who do not have their own parents or grandparents or any relatives who can take care of them and make their childhood happier!

TJ Travel is not indifferent to orphans deprived of a parents’love and shelter. We try to do our best to change their lives for the better. Of course, our support would not be possible without YOU. Traveling with us, you help bring some kindness and hope into the life of these orphans. We donate a part of the money, which we get from any sold tour, to those who really need it in order to believe in fairy-tales.

Allow us, please, to introduce the lovely kids from St. Petersburg’s orphanage № 26 who went on a trip to the summer Royal Residences with our caring guide Katya. The children visited two museums in Peterhof and The Tsars Village, They very much enjoyed their stroll through the gardens which brought them many positive emotions!

Thank you very much for your help. We believe that your participation in this donation to our orphans is a great and effective contribution to their lives!

TJ Travel is registered at the Federal Agency of Tourism in the Russian Federation. Our registered license number is MBT#011381
We are a member of the Baltic Cruise Association in St. Petersburg
TJ Travel is a member of the Cruise Industry Association in St. Petersburg
We are a proud member of ASTA. To see our certificate, click here…
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