I am writing to commend one of your tour guides

I am writing to commend one of your tour guides, Daria Baranovskaya.

On the dates of July 21 and 22, 2018, my wife and I had the fortune of having Daria Baranovskaya as our tour guide of 15 tourists, of St. Petersburg.

Since this ship cruise, off the Regal Princess, was the fourteenth we have taken over the last ten years, we have had the opportunity of having many guides at the many ports we have visited, and with this experience, we have the opportunity and advantage of comparing these.

Ms. Baranovskaya was one of the best guides we have ever had.

Daria’s knowledge of art work was extensive, as was her information regarding the many sites we were privileged to visit. Of course, these attributes are those that one expects a guide to possess. What sets Daria apart was the little things she did to guide our group of 15 tourist through the maze, and sometimes crowded areas of the sites we visited. She continually prompted us to watch our step as to possible hazards she was approaching, i.e. Cobblestones, uneven surfaces, wet areas, curbs, and many other possible dangers.

She also selected opportune areas were to stop, so she could elaborate on specific details. Places that offered a more quiet and comfortable surroundings.

In crowded areas she cautioned us to be aware of our surroundings as they are always a prime area for possible pick-pockets, which of course exists everywhere in the world.

As we were led by her through many crowded, and twisting and turning paths, she continually told us , through our ear pieces, as she turned left and right so that we wouldn’t get separated. And, of course, she continually made ‘head counts’ to insure no one was lost. I'm sure there were other examples as too her thoughtfulness, but my memory lacks.

And one last thing I enjoyed, was the opportunity to have a brief conversation with one of the guards as we left one of the venues , with Daria as my interpreter. It must have gone well since Daria told me the guard had invited me to visit him at his vacation home. Of course I accepted, with the caveat that I would bring the vodka. But alas, that will never come to be.

Having been in a public role myself for forty years before retiring, I appreciate competent and dedicated staff. And I believe that is what you have in Ms. Baranovskaya. She would make a good ‘trainer’ for your newer staff, and she is an excellent ambassador for your agency.

With Respect,
Cal Rietzel

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