Light Rail in St Petersburg

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An upgrade, construction and new operation of the tram system in St. Petersburg s district of Krasnogvardeysky are underway. This is the first construction project in Russia for a whole district and the first urban electric above ground transportation system.

The May 31st agreement by the St Petersburg government and the LLC (TCC) Transport Concession Company includes 14km of new tram lines with platform areas. Using new technology, the tramway system will have noise reducing equipment.

The first section of tramway will be started in August 2016 from Khasanskaya Street to Ladoga station with full operation in September 2017.

In the 4th quarter of 2018, the network is set to complete.

The system will constructed with stops at all main streets in the district of Krasnogvardeysky and on to the Terminal of Ladozhsky. A stock department will be added as well.

TCC will also be acquiring 21 tramways and the purchase of 5 sections with 15 tramways that can transport 380-400 travelers or an estimated 33.2 million passengers. The trams will be re-designed to accommodate more travelers.

The investment which is estimated over a 30 year period of operation, is estimated to cost 32.7 bn RUB (448 million EUR), includes the construction of a new network of trams. Construction and maintenance of the network will consist of about 12.7 bn RUB.

Revenue for the project will be generated by government subsidies for transporting welfare recipients and general transportation use.

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