St Petersburg Evening Tours

"Russian Experience"


7.00 pm – Pick you up near the ship. Driving to the downtown
7:30-9:15  pm  –  Strolling  along  Nevsky  prospect. (Your  walk  will  start  from  the Admiralty, from where Nevsky begins, then you will continue your walk along the Admiralty park  to get onto Palace Square,  then  through  the Arch of  the General Staff of the Army building you will get onto Nevsky prospect and walk along it. On your way you will see and visit different shops, there will be lots of opportunities to take pictures of the famous buildings located there Spilt Blood church, Kazan cathedral,  The  Merchants  yard  and  inside  visit  to  the  Passage  (30  minutes  for shopping  there). Then you will get onto Small Garden street, a lovely pedestrian area  with  numerous  shops,  small  fountain  and  funny  monuments  and  cafes, where  the  van  will  be  waiting  for  you).  During  the  stroll  the  guide  will  tell  you about everyday life in our city, funny jokes and anecdotes about our life. You will have an opportunity to taste the local life and be right in the centre of it.
9:30-10:00 pm – vodka tasting and light snacks in one of the local places
10:30 pm – return to the ship

The cost of the tour is 45$ per person.

Minimum number of people for tour to go is 6.

The  cost  of  the  tour  includes: the  service  of  the  guide  and  driver,  vodka

"An evening with a local family"


7:00 pm – pick up from the ship
7:00-8:00  pm  –  driving  along  the  city  to  one  of  the  modern  residential  area. Your  guide  will  tell  you  a  story  about modern  life  of  locals,  social  programs  of the  government,  daily  routine  of  a  typical  Russian  family  and  answer  all  your questions about everyday life
8.00-10:00 pm – a visit to the local family, typical Russian family dinner. You can know more  about  family  traditions,  their lifestyle,  see  the way local  people live, and talk about all the aspects of Russian life.
10:30 pm – return to the ship
The cost of  the  tour includes: the  service of  the guide  and driver,  a dinner with the family.

Number of people in the group 2 3 4 5 6 and more
Price per person In USD 110 90 70 65 60


“Venice of the North Night”


The tour is highly recommended to those who book one day or two day standard or relaxed option, as it is a great opportunity to add a boat ride to your tour in Saint-Petersburg.

7:00 pm – Pick you up near the ship. Driving to the downtown
7:30-8:30 pm – Strolling along Nevsky prospect. Shopping
9:00-10:00 pm – Boat Ride with vodka tasting and light snacks
10:30 pm – return to the ship

Number of people in the group 2 4 6 10 12 14 16 More than 16
Price per person In USD 160 80 70 55 45 40 35 30


“Boat Trip along rivers and canals”


Please, don’t forget that the second name of our city is Venice of North and a trip along  numerous  rivers  and  canals with  beautiful  bridges make  your  visit  to  our city especially memorable.


A non-private boat starts at 7pm each day. Duration is 1 hour. The cost includes: English-language audioguide, transfer by car/mini van, boat fees

Number of people in the group 1 2 3 4 5
Price per person In USD 90 60 50 50 45


If a private boat we can start at any time, duration of the tour is 1 hour. The cost includes: guide services, transfer by car/mini van, boat fees. Please, note that if you choose this option, we will require 100% prepayment and the cost of this tour is non-refundable.

Number of people in the group 2 3 4 5 6 7-8  9-11   12-14   15 and up
Price per person In USD 115 75 65 55 50 40 35 30 25


"Folk Show at Nikholaevsky Palace"


The naturally deep emotions of Russian folklore are certainly emphasized by the magnificent interior of this Palace. The “Feel Yourself Russian” show which is staged here is a unique opportunity to experience the history and spirit of Russia.

The show starts with the dance group called “Reverence,” beautiful ladies in crinolines and their elegant cavalier, accompanied by the “Classica” string quartet. It is followed by a folk instruments ensemble ”The Souvenir” in a performance of folk compositions, a Cossack song and dance company called “Maidan” which reproduces on stage Cossack songs and dances in their original form, and musicians of “ Naigrysh,” a folk instruments quartet performing versions of famous Russian tunes. In the intermission, refreshments include a buffet table of fruit, canapé, soft drinks, vodka, champagne and juice. But portions are really very small, so it is difficult to call it a buffet

The cost includes performance itself+ the cost of transfer + snacks during the intermission. They perform each day and the show starts at 7.00pm (with 20 minutes break during which they serve refreshments). Duration is about 1,5 hours.

Note please:  If you choose to take 7.00 pm performance after either our standard or All St.Petersburg Highlights Tour   there will be no time to return to the ship for changing

The cost of the tour is 90$ per person and it includes the transportation, tickets to the folk show and refreshments during the intermission. Please, note it will be a group transfer. If you would like to have a private transfer to the Folk show and back, please contact our company for more details.

"Russian Ballet"


You will see traditional Russian Ballet in one of St. Petersburg theathers. Most likely it will be “Swan Lake”, “Nutcracker”, “Giselle” or any other ballet performance depending on availability. The cost of the ballet performance is 125 USD per person. The cost includes: transportation to/from theater, tickets and blanket visa. Please, be aware of the following:

  • You will be informed about the name of the theater, ballet etc. on the day of your tour. Your guide will hand over tickets to you and provide you with other details.
  • We cannot guarantee any specific performance or venue unless you decide to book it privately for your party.
  • Tickets may have limited availability on the day of your arrival or may be sold out completely. Then you will be given a full refund or you may request for other performance or activity on the same evening and the difference in price will be refunded.
  • If you book in less than two weeks prior to your arrival to St. Petersburg, we cannot guarantee the availability of tickets.
  • Please, note that once purchased, tickets are non-refundable. 

Performances start either at 7pm or 8pm. Please, note that there will be no time to return to the ship between the day tour and your ballet performance, if you choose the “Two day all highlights Excursion” or the “Two day Exclusive Excursion with Faberge museum.

If you have any specific request for a theater or performance please be aware that the playbill is known one month prior to performance. Duration is 1,5-3 hours. On your request we can arrange tickets to one of the following theatres: The Mariinsky Theatre, The Mikhailovsky Opera House, The Hermitage Theatre, The Alexandrinsky theatre or Pushkin Drama, The Theatre of Opera and Ballet of The St.Petersburg Conservatory.

Please note that in both cases we ask for 100% prepayment.

"The World of Faberge" Tour


This tour is specially designed for those who wish to explore the Faberge museum individually with audio guide. The gem of this museum is the collection of Faberge items, including world famous Faberge Easter eggs, artistic jewellery, tsar’s gifts, items in Art-Nouveau style. Not to mention you will see works of famous Russian artists like I.Aivosovsky and K.Makovsky, observe the collection of enamel artworks and see old Russian icons. More info about museum here:

6.45 pm - Pick you up near the ship. (starting time can be adjusted to your tour)

7.15 - 8.45 pm Faberge museum. You will get an audio guide inside the Faberge museum and spend 1,5 h time to get a deeper understanding of Russian jewellery art.

9.15 pm Return to the ship

The cost of the group tour is 45 USD per person

The cost includes:

  • group transfer to/from Faberge museum
  • entrance ticket(s) and auduo-guide


"Russian Dinner at restaurant"


After a long day tour you will have an opportunity to relax and have dinner at a nice Russian restaurant. During your dinner, you will enjoy the cozy atmosphere and dishes prepared according to Russian traditional recipes. You can choose one of the recommended restaurants from the list below or any other restaurant at your desire.

  1. “Palkin”
    Cuisine: European/Russian; Website

  2. “Tzar”
    Cuisine: Russian; Website

  3. “Dom restaurant”
    Cuisine: Russian; Website

  4. “Severyanin”
    Cuisine: Russian; Website

  5. “Tarhun”
    Cuisine: Georgian; Website

Number of people in the group 2 3 4 5 6 and more
Price per person In USD 60 45 30 25 20


Price includes: transportation to/from a restaurant/ Price doesn't include: dinner expenses


*Please, note that evening tours are available ONLY, if you book any St. Petersburg day tour with us. Thank you for your understanding.

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