Testimonial – Mary Louise Borello

Hello Tatyana,

The high point of our Baltic cruise was our three day land excursion with TJ Travel in St Petersburg.  We paid about a third of the price that we would have paid through the ships excursion office.  Instead of having 45 people on the cruise ship excursion, we had eight people in our van with T J travel.  Our guide, Maria was amazing.

She gave us vast amounts of information in an interesting way.  We zipped into all attractions-nothing was left out in this tour.  Our lunches were included in the price and they were delicious...and in lovely settings.  There is no reason to be concerned about the visa issue, TJ travel has it totally under control with perfect ease.  Aside from TJ being the best possible way to see St Petersburg, this is a very beautiful city.  It is on the same level as Paris and is totally unforgettable.  We are grateful for this experience.

TJ Travel is registered at the Federal Agency of Tourism in the Russian Federation. Our registered license number is MBT#011381
We are a member of the Baltic Cruise Association in St. Petersburg
TJ Travel is a member of the Cruise Industry Association in St. Petersburg
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